Castle Age Hack 4.2

At the beginning I would like to note that Castle Age Hack ver. 4.2 is the software created by me and creaping any financial profits is strictly prohibited.
The software is completely free and designed for use for casual Castle Age players.
How it works
As You saw on the video above Castle Age Hack ver. 4.2 software changes statistics in the game.
It’s NOT necessary to type password to your account, as many players worry about it, because Castle Age Hack ver. 4.2 changes statistics in game database searching for account only by e-mail so you don’t need to be afraid of hacking into your account.
1. Download Castle Age Hack ver. 4.2 (links at the end of post).
2. Unpack downloaded file.

castle age hack

3. Open/Run .exe file.
(Logging into your account isn’t necessary at the moment. I did it on video only to show you how my software works).

castle age facebook hack

4. Enter Your e-mail and click “Login”.
5. You must wait a moment until your application connects to the server and searchs the account.
6. After a while statistics of your account should be showed.
7. Type in values we have chosen in the fields and click “CHANGE”
8. When the “Complete” notification will be showed, we can log into our account or refresh the page if we already did it before and enjoy your increased stats.

castle age hack

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